On July 4th, the owners of Hobby Lobby, known for being strong evangelical Christians and conservative supporters, took out a full-page ad that appeared in newspapers across the country. Reading it, I had to shake my head in bemusement. As happens so often with arguments of this sort, the ad uses selected quotes from past historical figures to try to prove that the U.S. is, or should be, a “Christian nation” (whatever that might mean).

It’s common for those who cannot make a good argument for a point of view to rely on selective facts and quotes, and the Hobby…

He is still trying to rig it, though.

Earlier today, President Donald Trump let loose with a tweet that (once again) reverberated around the internet. Here’s the tweet:

The statement caused many people to (once again) question his sanity, his intelligence, and his intentions. Many, many people took it as Trump trying to delay the election. Going through Facebook, I saw a lot of comments along the lines of “Trump is trying to delay the election.” And many media outlets followed suit. Here was NPR’s headline and story:

And here’s ABC News:

In both cases, they state that Trump…

bill radunovich

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